Nail Polish Delivered Monthly Starting at $10.99

Limited Edition Colors

Seasonally appropriate
trendsetting colors in
stable, Full-Size, .50oz
bottles. Cruelty-free and
Vegan friendly. Made in
the USA. Now “7-free”
for an even cleaner

A Surprise Every Month

Discover new, gorgeous
colors and avoid the nail
polish display death stare.
Experience the latest
colors and finishes
delivered to you.

No-hassle Commitment

Stay as long as you want.
Easily Pause, Switch or
Cancel. You control your

Pick A Box:

Choose the box based on how much polish best fits your lifestyle.
The surprise is equally as good. Both boxes include perfectly
curated colors from the upcoming collection.


BoxNo. 2

When 3 is 1 too many.



BoxNo. 3

When 2 is not enough.


Meaningful collections for a
richer color experience.

Collections are thoughtfully crafted to tell a
story. Colors and finishes are selected to
enhance each other and work with previous
and future collections.

Collection Shown: 1980 Decades Collection
Vice 1984 / Sierra Sunset 1985 / Deep Space 1988

Next Box: 2000 Decades Collection

Delivery: November 2015


Take a peak at past collections. See how
SquareHue Nail Polish Collections
accentuate fashion and lifestyle.

Color Your Nails. Change the World.

SquareHue is committed to helping others. We actively seek organizations that are deep in the trenches assisting and caring for those hurting and in need. It’s simple, you get marvelous nail polish delivered to your door and we give to organizations dedicated to helping others. Together we can make a significant difference. You get, Hue gives.

Current Focus – Human Trafficking

Currently a portion of all monthly subscription proceeds are being donated for prevention awareness, the protection of trafficked victims and the prosecution of human traffickers.
Need more information regarding human trafficking? Check out The A21 Campaign.

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