Gray or Grey…maybe…Gray and Grey

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We know what you’re thinking . . . Gray is unexciting, one-dimensional, and just all around dull. Well, that was true until the beauty industry got a hold of it. Now, gray has taken over the runway, the hair salons, and the manicures. We went from the black of the 90s to the gray of the 2000s which has moved into the 2010s.

And just an aside is it spelled gray or grey….anyone out there know?

Whether it’s on your nails, the #GrannyHair or #GraySuits for Fall, it’s no question that gray is one of the prevailing trending colors this fall. But Marsala is the “in” color, you say…well…ok…but what color goes better with Marsala than…gray?

In addition, “Metallic nails are having a moment,” says Michelle Saunders, Essie’s celebrity manicurist. “Any trend you see with nails now directly reflects what’s happening in fashion. I think of nails as an accessory and metal jewelry has had a big comeback — gold rings, rose gold bracelets, chunky silver earrings, as are metallic handbags, belts, even shoes. So why not do it on your nails?” Fall Beauty Trend: Metallic Nail Polish

Here are some quotes highlighting the trend for further reading.

“The color that took over the Fall runways was gray, but it’s not as bleak as you think. The versatile color looks particularly cool in monochromatic schemes (pardon any “shades of gray” puns) and is an easy one to pull off head to toe. Not only is it impossible to find tones that clash (something that can’t be said for, say, orange), it goes with everything in your closet — and makes accessorizing a snap.” Into the Gray

“Manhattan’s skies might have been blue these past two days, but its runways were awash in gray. Designers are revisiting traditional autumnal fabrics once reserved for the most conventional tailored menswear (cue The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit) and repurposing them.” Trend Watch: The Girl in Gray on the Runway

“Spotlight on charcoal. And slate. And dove. This season’s star neutral comes in 50 shades.” GRAY MATTERS

“God, I had hoped that the movie release would mean the end of 50 Shades references, but I was definitely wrong. Designers have made it so by deciding that an all-grey suit was the look, but actually, we agree. Monochromatic in grey is pretty much the chicest thing you can do, so take notes Miss Steele.” THE COMPLETE FALL 2015 TREND GUIDE – 50 SUITS OF GREY

“Sure, black-and-white combinations are making a strong statement for fall, but we also have our eyes on the hue that comes between them. Restrained and subdued, consider it your wardrobe’s palette cleanser this season.” GRAY MATTERS: 20 PIECES TO SHOP NOW

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So what do you think regarding gray as a color trend. Love it or not so much?

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