iPolish might be the most versatile nail polish SquareHue has produced.

It is a strong white that can serve as a base for more vibrant colors or stand alone as a completely chic choice. White manicures have been in vogue during the summer when each day carries the possibility of being a beach day. Winter can also be a prime time for white, particularly if you live in a city that will never experience snow.


White nails can be tricky if you have not rocked the look before. While the look is always on fleek, it needs a certain je ne sais quoi to get it perfect.

1. Keep nails short
With style is always a personal choice, long white nails can come across as undone.

2. Fill in ridges
White may be perceived as unforgiving. Ridges will need to be filled out as every imperfection will be pronounced in this color.

3. Don’t overcoat
White is can be sheer upon the initial application. The prescribed procedure is to be prudent with the first coat and a bit thicker during the second round. A third layer can be added if needed.

4. Let coats dry
Nobody wants lump color. Play a song by The Weeknd or watch a cat video to pass the time between coats.

5. Be diligent about a top coat
White polish announces every scratch and chip, so be aware and reapply a top coat midweek.




Color your Nails. Change the World.

Automatically, a portion of your monthly nail polish box subscription is donated to keep us accountable to what really matters… other people. It’s simple, you get marvelous nail polish delivered to your door and we give to organizations dedicated to helping others. Together we can make a significant difference. You get, Hue gives.