There is a school of thought that states that the nail polish on your hands should be lighter than the hue on your feet. With this month’s Drop Out from the 1960 Decades Collection, an iridescent purple, the time to test that theory is now. This shimmery color is so light; it takes a few coats to make it darker. However, the sheerness of the color is refreshing for the summer.


One reason for lighter nail polish color on the hands while darker on the feet is that many nailistas can go weeks without needing a pedicure, while manicures can take a beating, particularly in the summer months. Darker nail polishes can be harder to remove while lighter colors won’t show as much as they chip.


Another school of thought is to have colors with the same color base, red toes with pink hands or navy with sky blue. The best part of playing around with nail color is that you can make your own rules from highly decorative nail art to wearing the same color on hands and feet. If the 1960s taught the world anything, it is that rules and norms are to be done away with once they do not serve you. This decade heralded the entrance and celebration of the individual.


SquareHue invites you to tune in, turn on, and drop out this month. Break rules for nail polish standards, mix colors, add rhinestones or simply allow yourself to go lighter or darker with your choices. Be bold, but more importantly be you. How will you break the rules this month?


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