If you find that your nails chip within one or two days of a manicure, try these tips and tricks to make your manicure last. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.


1. Use Your Own Polish
If you go to a salon, consider taking your own polish. Some salons add thinner to extend the life of the polish. When stored in a cool dark place polish should last at least a year and up to two. Within a month or so, most polishes (especially blue ones) begin to separate into layers, this is easily fixed by simply shaking the bottle to re-distribute the ingredients.


2. Prep Your Nails
Before applying the polish, take these steps. Buff your nails then wipe the nail with polish remover to make sure they are free of any oils or product. Any residue will prevent the polish from adhering.


3. Use a Basecoat
A base coat is formulated to stick to nails better than a nail polish. It will provide a seal that the nail polish can attach itself to, will prevent your nails from staining (especially important with the darker polishes), and will smooth the nail surface.


4. Allow The Right Dry Time
It’s very important you let your polish fully dry between coats. This means waiting a full three minutes between each coat—including your base and top coats. And don’t blow on your nails. The moisture from your breath can actually prevent the polish from drying properly. If you’re in a hurry use your hair drying on the low, cool setting.


5. Paint the Edge
When you’re putting on polish, make sure to start by painting the edge of your nail. This will seal the edge and keep water from being absorbed into the nail and under the manicure. By totally sealing your nail, you’ll keep chips around the edge at a minimum.


6. Apply the Top Coat
A good topcoat is the key to seal your polish and keep your nails looking fresh. And don’t forget to seal the edge of the nail. The topcoat will provide that extra layer of protection. Also, by taking an extra second to reapply this clear coat every few days you will help ensure that your nails stay in great shape.


7. Use Gloves
Having your hands in water — like when you do the dishes, for example — allows moisture to penetrate your polish, creating chips. Using a pair of gloves is the simplest solution.


Hope this helps!


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