The Decades Collection:1940  Sorcerer's Hat

The Decades Collection:1940 Sorcerer’s Hat Image by Lacquered Lori

Sartorially Blue
You are sporting latest nail polish from the Decades Collection: 1940, Sorcerer’s Hat from SquareHue, and now you are looking for an outfit to make your look magical. With summer fast approaching, it is time to reach through your closet for new looks. This post will serve as a quick go-to guide for when you are wearing any of the SquareHue shades of blue nail polish.

Baby Blues
A pastel form of blue is a great style for the Spring season to match the light colors of the new flowers. If you are rocking a bonnet, you may want to consider wearing a white dress, light shoes (never black until after labor day) and colorful accessories; I am partial to rose gold pieces. White and baby blue are a great combination.

Vibrant Choices
Cobalts, jewel tones and the like require more neutral shades. Earth tones such as beige or cream allow the bold blues to really pop. Jewel tones also work well with other deep colors. A deep blue can easily go with a purple or emerald shade. Black is also an option here if you are afraid of being too Bollywood. A rich blue always goes well with your little black dress, so don’t be afraid to mix blue and blue.

On the Ocean Floor
Black nails can come across as too gothic. Navy nails can be a great compromise. This style of blue also works well if you are in an office. The caveat is to make everything else as minimal as possible. A monochrome cream outfit or gray can be a great backdrop to your nails. Silver works well with this hue of blue.

How do you rock blue nails sartorially? Share your comments!

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