We’re so thankful to organizations like the A21 Campaign and honored to be a small part of the great work they are doing.

Thank you to you our members who play a huge part in our being able to support causes like this to bring awareness to human trafficking. Below is a blog post by the A21 Campaign. If you’d like to read the original post click on this link.

Pampered and Free
Here at The A21 Campaign we LOVE our supporters. Especially ones who come to the table with creative ways to fight trafficking. Even if it’s in the form of nail polish!



Square Hue is an amazing nail polish company that is making sure the girls in our shelters get that very experience.

Not only are they donating a portion of their proceeds to A21 for prevention awareness, protection of trafficking victims and prosecution of human traffickers, but they are also donating the nail polish colors to the girls themselves!



Human trafficking victims have been put through unimaginable experiences, often left with low self-worth. An important part of their recovery process is that they learn to love themselves again, regaining the confidence stolen from them and believing the truth that they are beautiful.



Sometimes hope looks a lot like a bottle of nail polish. Be inspired by these pictures of the girls in our Greece shelter painting each others nails and having a blast doing so, because they are so worthy of feeling their very best.


Automatically, a portion of your monthly subscription is donated to keep us accountable to what really matters… other people. It’s simple, you get marvelous nail polish delivered to your door and we give to organizations dedicated to helping others. Together we can make a significant difference. You get, Hue gives.