Exciting Changes at SquareHue.


Change Is Good ;)
Change is easier said than done. We know that. We challenged you this year to go out into a great color adventure and you braved an incredible challenge. Well, we have been so inspired from your willingness, that now it is our turn for a very, very big change. As we enter our 4th year of business, we will be venturing to start something radically different than what has been our norm. Yes, staying status quo is simply not our style and we have kept our color choices a secret for long enough. So starting on December 1, we will be revealing our curated color choices and combinations! We will also be offering exciting features to allow you to choose, switch or skip boxes. We cannot express how much you have inspired us to step out of our comfort zone and revisit, rewrite and rethink our service to you. Following are some of the excting details as to how subscriptions will change.

Color Preview
Starting in December (for January 2017 box) all three curated colors will be announced and viewable. Not only that but we will also be combining the colors as 2 bottle combinations so you can pick your favorites from the bunch. No more wishing you could get the light one and the glittery one. Now you can. Cool huh? You can even preview the December colors now on our website. 

Switching Options
In addition, we will be have available four product options monthly. These options will include the Box No.3 ($21), and three variations of Box No.2 products (each $16). The variations of Box No.2 will include two of the three polishes in our Box No.3 in three different combinations. You will be able to choose between the four products each month.

Here’s how it will work 
On the first of the month you will receive a preview email with the four product options. You will have seven days, or until the date of your renewal that month, to switch between products before your product auto-renews. All you would have to do is login to your account and switch to the product of your choice. 

If you wish to keep the same product, there is no need to do anything, the product you chose when you subscribed will renew automatically. All subscriptions started between the 1st - 7th of the month will auto-renew on the 8th of month. Subscriptions after the 8th will auto renew on the subscribe date. 

If you absolutely love the surprise aspect of our nail polish box simply ignore our emails which will be clearly labeled with “This Month’s Nail Polish Color Selection” in the subject line. Don’t open them… but that may be likened to finding out the sex of your baby when you’re pregnant… you don’t want to… but… ;)

We realize this is a big change for everyone and it is bound to throw someone’s groove off. So, if you have any questions please email us at helpdesk@squarehue.com and we'll gladly clarify.

What Didn’t Change
As has been the driving goal since we began SquareHue, a portion of each sale is donated to fight human trafficking. Thank you so much for partnering with us! Together we are making a difference. 

Finally, We would love to hear your comments, suggestions and anything else you think would better our service.

Warmest regards,
the HueCrew